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Investment Strategies are Popular

Margin of Safety

In this current recession many companies are making more and more money. HOWEVER they’re making more money by constantly cutting costs not by expanding business. Strong and safe growth stocks have an edge .

Cheap growth

Take a look at the company’s return on invested money .A good growth stock will have a high return on investment .A low return on investment is dangerous.On the other hand a high return on investment is favourable.

Industry growth

One thing I find to be ridiculously stupid is when people say oh Google is so cheap. Just look at their ratio it’s currently at 14x earnings. What they fail to realize is that Google is a tech company.In short tech stocks fly high .

Size becomes a constraint

A key factor to whether or not a company is still a growth stock is  how big is it’s market capitalization? As we all know at a certain point size becomes a huge restraint. Take a look at Apple.

Diversify & when not to Diversify

Tell you three Stories today.

Story #1

A bunch of bloggers whom I won’t name were selling textlinks which are basically links that point to other websites . Before I explain why these bloggers were selling links let me give you some background coverage.

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Story #2

Facebook decided to take a bite at Zynga’s massive revenue by initiating it’s own payment system called Facebook Credits and declaring that all payments on Facebook must use Facebook Credits.

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Story #3

Recently, a hugely popular mobile app was almost shut down by Apple’s App Store. Path is an up-and-coming mobile social network  which is successfully competing against Facebook in the mobile space.

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