1.      How much will this cost me?

That will depend on the product and service you require. The average cost for a prototype, including shipping, is about $450. We handle all the mailing and interface with China.
2.       How long will it take to get the finished goods?

The average time from your approval of the sample to production and receipt of the finished product ranges from six to ten weeks.
3.      Do I need to know Chinese to deal with you?

We have highly skilled bi-lingual staff in China and America to assist. You will never need to communicate in other than your native tongue.
4.      How do you ship the finished goods to me?

They are sent as ship’s cargo and insured against loss enroute to port. Once in port our customs people will direct your shipment to the carrier of your choice.
5.      Should I pay to insure the goods?

All goods are insured for the duration of the shipment unless you instruct otherwise.
6.       What kind of products won’t you deal in?

We prefer not to trade in perishable goods
7.       I want to have made a trademarked or copyrighted product.

You must have a letter of release or permission from the copyright or trademark holder. We adhere to U.S. and International laws regarding these matters
8.         Do I have to deal with U.S. customs?

Our staff will facilitate all customs clearances into the United States unless you prefer to work with a specific broker.
9.        Why should I have my products made in China?

Many products, especially those not now manufactured in the U.S., are readily available in China. Products are less expensive, expertly produced, and easily procured
10.      Am I just taking more jobs out of the U.S.?

It is not the intent of Sinotrading.us to displace workers. We also work to find materials for Chinese companies in the U.S.. We hope the products that you import can be used to make you more competitive in the marketplace with higher quality goods.
11.      Why a fee to have my sample made into a prototype?

Prototypes ensure quality: You will see and approve  your product before it is set for final production. A prototype also lends credibility to your negotiations with Asian manufacturers. The amortized cost of prototypes will cost you less than ten cents per item when you order.
12.      I require high quality. What can I expect from sinotrading?

Our suppliers do business now with the best corporations in the world: Many Fortune 500 companies use our resources in China.
13.     I have a sample of an item, but I want it made better.

We will make sure that any prototypes you order from China meet your exact specifications. If we cannot produce it to your detailed needs we will notify you immediately and there will be no prototype created and no charges incurred.
14.     What’s the minimum number of finished goods I must order?

2,000 pieces. Many companies require that you purchase a container load of product or more. We can accomodate more modest needs. The minimum is contingent on the product ordered. Please ask us.
15.     Will the final price be lower if I order more than 2,000?

We will always pass on any savings realized by larger orders.
16.   Will my transactions be public information?

Only members of Sinotrading.us will have information about your order. All information will  always be held in strict confidence–even after your product is delivered